Summer Self-Study begins immediately.
Full program begins October 2012.

Are you called to play a part in ushering in a new era based on the principles of love, cooperation and peace?

While the world faces many crises, never before as women have we had so many tools, resources and freedoms to wake up and consciously evolve ourselves, and the world around us. We can sense the incredible possibilities that lie ahead, and we believe the time is NOW to empower conscious, powerful and brilliant women like YOU to help midwife this new era and give birth to your soul’s calling.

This is why we’ve created the Soulful Women Certificate Program.

After talking with thousands of women leaders and participants in our programs, we know you want to be grounded in your sacred self WHILE taking practical and definitive actions that make a world of difference. You want to give your greatest gifts, enjoy a sustainable livelihood and be of service to the extreme planetary shifts occurring.

However, while you may sense you have a big contribution to make in the world, you often don’t feel like you have the deepest support, tools and resources to fully embody your role as a leader and trailblazer in the Shift.

In our fractured society, most of us DON’T have the deepest level of support to give birth to our dreams or taught HOW to actually do it, and we end up becoming our own biggest obstacles to success.

Well, we KNOW you are here to make a unique contribution to the planet. And we KNOW you can learn to release old patterns and beliefs that have served as survival mechanisms, so that something greater can be born. And we KNOW you can access the energy of the Midwife within you - to help you move through an initiatory gateway towards a greater than imagined future.

Through our 9-month certification program, we are offering you a deep, transformative journey into your soulful presence and out into spiritual action doing the work you’re called to do in the world.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone...

This program is one that creates a sacred space in which you are held by a community of other women - as you each become experts in midwifing yourselves and each other into your deeper soul’s calling.

The truth is that we are not designed to give birth alone. So it’s our honor and delight to be with you in this program, so that you can be held, supported, guided and nurtured as you bring new life into being.

Besides, it’s much easier, more potent, more comforting - and much more fun - to have a team of soulful midwives supporting you in your birthing process every step of the way, holding your hand and celebrating your successes, however big or small.

Bridging the Deep Inner Work with the Practical Skills

In this extraordinary program we’re bringing together the wisdom and depth of an ancient mystery school, deep inner work AND practical business skills you need to deeply impact the world and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life in all areas - your finances, your health and wellbeing, your relationships, your vocation, and your deepest calling.

Through our own inner and outer transformational work, we’ve become adept at tapping into the enormous powers of the archetypal world to generate positive shifts in our own lives and begin making our greatest impact, helping thousands of women transform their lives. At the same time, we also know the importance of embracing and mastering the amazing technology and business wizardry in our new world to truly affect change.

And that’s why we’re bridging these inner and outer worlds in our 9-month Soulful Women Certificate Program. Our planet and humanity-at-large has never been in such need of skilled, trained and adept soulful women leaders who can birth their own potential and then lead others into their soul’s true calling.

We are calling you to imagine beyond the confines of what you think is possible and stand in the truth of YOUR MAGNIFICENCE. We are calling you to take outrageous and remarkable actions in your life, so you can truly midwife the planetary shifts we face and manifest your greatest visions for your life and our world.

Join us, and we will lift you into your greater than imagined life!

When you join the Soulful Women Certificate Program, you will:

  • Become initiated into an ancient-lineage wisdom school. We emphasize stepping into your own mythic story and harnessing the power of 13 Divine Feminine archetypes in your everyday life.
  • Birth the vision for your passionate service and leadership in the world. We will support you to live your deepest soul’s purpose, become a planetary leader and create financial abundance.
  • Cultivate an ongoing connection with Spirit, to nurture your own feminine self, and to stand in a place of calm amidst a busy and chaotic world.
  • Create a mastermind team that will hold you accountable to concrete actions and timelines to manifest your visions in the world. We will support you to create these timelines and accountability structures and help you leverage your own resources and connections that support your calling.
  • Learn to facilitate Soulful Women Circles (and learn to get paid for it) as well as have the opportunity to play a leadership role in ongoing activities related to Birth 2012 (an inspiring vision put forth by Barbara Marx Hubbard for co-creating a global shift in consciousness in the year ahead and beyond).

Program Overview: What You Will Learn

We are excited to bring you a 9-month program that bridges the deep inner work with the practical business skills you need to deeply impact the world and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life in all areas - your finances, your health and wellbeing, your relationships, your vocation, and your deepest calling.

Working with Archetypes to Transform Your Inner World

One of the core principles of our work is that women become more powerful, liberated and whole by accessing their full potential within themselves. The gateway we offer for doing this deep inner work is through archetypes - cross-cultural images that embody different aspects of the Divine Feminine.

During the Certification process, we will work with 13 main archetypes, listed below, followed by the qualities or benefits they help activate when we can live out that energy fully.

The Great Mother: Feed the Feminine First
  • Discover how to source yourself from an overflowing well of nurturance that will feed your life and all your projects.
  • Create daily practices to connect to your feminine nature and sustain it.
  • Connect more deeply with your body through a deeper exploration of menstrual and lunar cycles-and how we can align with them for greater grace & ease of manifestation.
  • Learn to get comfortable with the unknown and allow the new and unexpected to emerge.
The Compassionate One: Cultivate Self-Acceptance
  • Learn how to lead from a compassionate heart and still get things done!
  • Recognize ways that you undermine yourself, damaging our own power in the world.
  • Awaken practices of forgiveness and self-acceptance and open to an increased sense of worthiness.
  • Release yourself from the bonds of perfection, judgment and criticism, so that you can be free to offer your gifts more fully in the world.
The Mystic: Develop Your Intuition
  • Hone the skill of attuning to your inner guidance for external life issues.
  • Develop the four skills of Inner Listening and tune your inner ear to hear at different levels of subtle communication.
  • Practice reading the symbolic world and how to “know” from deep inside what direction to take, which decision to make, or the solution to a problem.
The Liberator: Free Yourself from Limitation
  • Identify your self-imposed limitations, beliefs and behaviors that stop you from stepping-into your radiant fullness.
  • Participate in a freedom ceremony to liberate yourself from those limitations and obstacles that are blocking your evolution.
  • Get comfortable with cutting away the “dead wood” in your life-including habits, relationships, or ways of being that are not aligned with your greatest expression.
  • Develop practices to de-clutter your life every week so that you can become the most effective leader.
The Creatrix: Deepen your Magnetic Power
  • Align your inner masculine and inner feminine to create a potent alchemical force of creation and manifestation in the world.
  • Generate a clear sense of what it is that you REALLY want to create that is connected to your true purpose.
  • Learn the 6 steps to creating effective, magnetic intentions.
  • Learn to manifest through personal magnetism, taking the struggle and strife out of it once and for all!
The Muse: Unleash your Creativity
  • Wake-up your creative genius! Learn to access to your spontaneity, imagination and creativity as a foundational skill of inspired leadership.
  • Learn how to create out of thin air and use the Magic IF wand to serve all your creations in the world.
  • Embrace your ability to turn everything on its head and see things from new perspectives.
  • Lead from a place of joy and light-heartedness, and enlivening your projects and life with humor.
Goddess of Love: Immerse in Your Abundance
  • Unleash the feminine rampage of joy and pleasure as a way to juice up every aspect of your life!
  • Enliven ALL of your senses as a way to increase your personal power of attraction.
  • Revel in the beauty of all life and experience that what you appreciate, appreciates!
  • Develop the art of living in overflowing abundance and magnetize wealth and prosperity on all levels to your life and leadership.
  • Immerse yourself in the spirit of generosity and learn how to shower it on all of your projects. Immerse yourself in the spirit of generosity and learn how to develop a strategy of generosity in your life to be the lifeblood for all your projects.
The Wild Woman: Free Your Instinctual Passion
  • Wild women don’t sit at the table and play nice! Give yourself permissionto get of the box! Learn when to break the rules and when to play by your own rules.
  • Get into your body, shake it all out, cry, laugh, growl and let your energy run in creative leaps and bounds. You will be surprised how much this can fuel your life and your leadership!
  • Let go of being so concerned with what anyone else thinks of you - embrace being bold and unconventional. Color outside the lines. Release energy so that your projects and life can be vitalized, impassioned, and freed up.
  • Make way for the unpredictable to enter in.
The Initiator: Wise Use of Power
  • Claim the feminine super power of speaking your truth in a clear, direct, clean and clarifying way.
  • Feel what it is like to be in your fierce feminine, speaking up when it would be more comfortable to stay silent. Find your courage to speak up in support of other women so no woman ever has to stand alone
  • Practice being able to call others into authentic being through your astute clarity- use this skill to free yourself and others to be more potent, powerful and embodied.
  • Hone your ability to see your project and life with a clear discerning eye for any adjustments that may need to be made.
The Wise Woman: Listen to your Heart Wisdom
  • Access your mentorship ability and develop your skills to guide, love, appreciate and support others in their journey.
  • Learn how to navigate your doubting mind by accessing the center of your heart knowing.
  • Embrace the wisdom of laughter as a way to shift your consciousness out of places of rigidity.
  • Step back and see the big picture, let go of what is not important, simplify and become more coherent. Be able to distill what is most important and essential in the moment, your life and your projects.
The Visionary: 12 Ways to Be a 21st Century Leader
  • Find out what it means to be a visionary and why it’s critical at this time.
  • Remember who you are, why you are here and how to live in integrity with your Soul.
  • Understand a new way to dream and learn a profound and proven method for finding and accomplishing any dream.
  • Trust at a deeper level, take greater risks and understand how to remove fear, doubt and other obstacles.
The Queen of Death: The Art of Letting Go
  • Tune into the rhythm of your cyclical nature. Be able to navigate and see where you are in the cycle of your own life and of the projects you are involved in.
  • Receive your lifetime achievement award for “failure” and see all failure as a part of success. This skill is at the core of our resiliency as leaders.
  • Learn to trust that all is well.
  • Champion the quiet time when nothing seems to be happening. Allow time for things to be metabolized and digested before engaging on the next project. Embrace and take a stand for the inevitable cycle of birth/death/rebirth in our life and projects.
The Alchemist: Embody Yourself as a Potent, Integrated Leader
  • Hold the full spectrum of all our experiences, wounds, gifts, and challenges.
  • Forge an internal sacred marriage of opposites.
  • Bring our projects/life into a full spectrum of living, finding the nuggets of gold and the gems from the alchemical process.
  • Learn to turn any challenge into opportunity.

Moving Your Work Out into the World

The inner work is foundational for the Soulful Women Certificate Program, but not the full picture. Now, we help you take it to the next level by learning some of the most innovative business, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to really bring your soulful passion out into the world.

During the 9-month program, we’ll be teaching and exploring some of the following topics, along with our extraordinary guest faculty. Please note: Specific topics will be determined based on the needs and desires of those in the program.)

Leadership Presence
  • Showing up as a leader
  • Presenting yourself to the public
  • Navigating change in an uncertain world
Your Vision
  • Writing your personal and business mission statement
  • Identifying your niche
  • Understanding your ideal clients
Media and Messaging
  • Designing your signature talk and crafting a good story
  • Speaking: practicing and feedback on your public speaking
  • Creating your press pack and getting coverage in the media
  • Learning how to enroll others into your vision
  • How to soul network
  • Creating partnerships & joint ventures
  • Creating coherent teams and enrolling volunteers
  • Learning how to delegate effectively
  • Nurturing and inspiring a team
  • Creating your own events that are magnetic, memorable and make money
  • Attracting well-known authors, speakers, and celebrities to present at your events
  • Finding sponsors to help fund your vision and events
  • Monetizing your event through products and other "recordings"
Features an 11-module online marketing training called "Grow Your LifeWork" hosted by guest faculty Amy Brucker. This is an in-depth training that helped Devaa to launch her own work in the world. See more details below about this program in the Guest Faculty section below.
  • Module 1 - Finances and Valuing your work
  • Module 2 - Understanding Your Clients
  • Module 3 - Defining Your Brand
  • Module 4 - Key Pages (for Your Website - and how to write them)
  • Module 5 - Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 6 - Putting Together Your Website
  • Module 7 - Copywriting 101
  • Module 8 - Writing Sales Letters
  • Module 9 - Copywriting 202
  • Module 10 - Writing Articles or a Blog
  • Module 11 - Sharing Your Work (Facebook, Twitter, eZines, Free Giveaways, Email Software)

How Can I Participate?

The Soulful Women Certificate program has two levels of participation and certification:

The Pearl Certificate Program is for women who are newer to their transformational journey. This tier offers a pathway to step out of your “ordinary” day-to-day life into a much bigger possibility for you who are, and what you are here to do.

The Diamond Advanced Certificate Program is designed for women who are already successful in their own right, but who know there is something deeper that wants to unfold. You will receive substantial personalized attention, with one-on-one coaching for your soul’s unfolding as well as your work in the world.

Pearl Certificate Program

As someone interested in the Pearl Certificate Program, you have been on a spiritual path, and now you are ready to go much deeper. You know you want to make a big contribution and find meaning, but perhaps you feel disconnected from your true purpose and don’t know what steps to take. You are someone who wants to make a living that is aligned with your core passions, but you are not there yet. You sense you are a leader, but you don’t yet have a lot of experience in leadership positions.

The Pearl Certificate offers a pathway to step into a much bigger possibility for who are and what you are called to do. You will spend nine months deepening your lived experience of the divine feminine and bringing it forward in the world. You will have time and a structure to clarify your creative vision and align it with your passion. You’ll also learn how to bring it into manifestation, so you can be financially rewarded for living your purpose. And you’ll do this in a community of amazing women who are ready to “go the distance” with you.

The Pearl Certificate Program includes:

  • Thirty 90-minute in-depth training calls (1 per week with breaks between modules), led by Elayne or Devaa, with a number of expert guest speakers. Topics include:
  • Exploring each of the 13 archetypes of the sacred feminine, with 9 practices to deepen your connection with the sacred
  • In-depth understanding of each facet of inspiring feminine leadership - where you clarify your passions, natural gifts and talents, needs in the world, your authentic self and your unique “sweet spot”
  • Thirty small group breakout sessions (these will typically follow the training calls)
  • One hour-long monthly Q&A coaching call with Devaa or Elayne
  • Digital version of our comprehensive, 460-page program manual with 14 CDs that includes ($497 value):
    • Overviews of the 13 feminine archetypes with color images that can be used for reflection and meditation
    • Step-by-step practices and worksheets to help you embody the work
  • Audio recordings and transcripts for each call
  • Monthly bonus call with extraordinary guest faculty (see list below)
  • Community Online Forum
Pearl Investment:
  • $1,997 if paid in full/ $2,447 if paid in installments
  • Paid in-full represents a $450 savings and also includes 2 bonuses (see below)
  • Installment plan – $599 to secure your spot + 6 monthly payments of $308
  1. VIP Ticket to one public retreat ($600 value)
  2. The Inner Soul Spa Experience: 10 Alchemical Meditations to Awaken Your Queen of Transformation (Digital Download MP3s)

Diamond Advanced Certificate Program

The Diamond Advanced Certificate Program is designed for inspiring women who are already thriving in their own right, but who know there is something deeper that is still waiting to unfold. Though you have done quite a lot of transformational work already, you know there are still levels of your being and psyche that are ready to be shed - in service to your deeper awakening.

You are ripe for our Diamond Advanced Certificate if you are already demonstrating considerable skill and leadership in your life and in your profession. You are bold and willing to move beyond your comfort zone. But you are yearning to reach even deeper into your soul and extend your impact into the world.

In fact, you are yearning for an Initiation that will hold you deeply accountable to show up at this next level of your being, birthing your visions in service to the greater good. You are called to stretch beyond your current success to deepen your own archetypal and mythic presence on the planet. And you know that now is the time for you to step up and respond to the call that lives deep within your belly - in service to your passionate purpose.

The Diamond Advanced Certificate provides a structure to uncompromisingly hold you to your deepest vision and inner knowing. You will be surrounded by other women - both in person and on the phone – who will support you to be a woman of soulful action and purpose.

You Will Be Personally Mentored in the Diamond Advanced Program

In the Diamond program, we will be partnering with you and sharing our gifts in full service to your transformation. We will personally mentor you with sacred witnessing and accountability as you take the risks to leap beyond what you’ve imagined possible. We will provide a profound, ongoing sacred circle where you will be called into your larger-than-life “archetypal” Self and catalyzed into action from this place.

We know that it takes an in-depth and personalized program to initiate you into a high level of soulful presence and planetary leadership. And for this reason, we have developed the Diamond Advanced Certificate. You will have unparalleled access to us with one-on-one coaching throughout the 9-month program. You will also receive three live retreats where we will journey into the ancient wisdom school teachings and transmissions.

In addition, each week you will receive individual support and guidance to integrate these soul teachings with practical leadership and business skills - all to prepare you to step more fully into your leadership as a Soulful Woman of the Shift.

The Diamond Advanced Certificate Program includes:

  • Three 5-day live retreats (food and lodging are not included)
  • Eight one-on one personal coaching session (3 with Devaa, 3 with Elayne
  • Monthly group coaching circle facilitated by Devaa or Elayne
  • Ongoing private email inner circle mentoring
  • Access to join us in collaborative ventures that highlight your gifts to the world

PLUS, All the Benefits of the Pearl Program (outlined below):

  • Thirty 90-minute in-depth training calls (1 per week with breaks between modules), led by Elayne or Devaa, with a number of expert guest speakers. Topics include:
  • Exploring each of the 13 archetypes of the sacred feminine, with 9 practices to deepen your connection with the sacred
  • In-depth understanding of each facet of inspiring feminine leadership - where you clarify your passions, natural gifts and talents, needs in the world, your authentic self and your unique “sweet spot”
  • Thirty small group breakout sessions (these will typically follow the training calls)
  • One hour-long monthly Q&A coaching call with Devaa or Elayne
  • A comprehensive, 460-page program manual with 14 CDs that includes ($497 value):
    • Overviews of the 13 feminine archetypes with color images that can be used for reflection and meditation
    • Step-by-step practices and worksheets to help you embody the work
  • Audio recordings and transcripts for each call
  • Monthly bonus call with extraordinary guest faculty (see list below)
  • Community Online Forum
Investment: $8,497 if paid in full/ 9,497 if paid in installments
  • Paid in-full represents a $1,000 savings + 3 Special Bonuses. See below.
  • Installment plan – $1,499 deposit to secure your spot + 6 monthly payments of $1,333
  • VIP Ticket to one public retreat ($600 value)
  • Private Rite of Passage Ritual with either Devaa or Elayne
  • The Inner Soul Spa Experience: 10 Alchemical Meditations to Awaken Your Queen of Transformation (Digital Download MP3s)

Note: You’ll receive your certification just prior to the Planetary Birth event on Dec. 22nd, 2012. Certification will be based upon full completion of all homework and assignments.

Guest Faculty Sessions Include:

Accessing Higher Guidance for the Planetary Birth Ahead
with Barbara Marx-Hubbard

We sit at a very critical time in human history. As we approach 2012, we are all preparing, in one way or another, for a planetary birth into a new era. But how do we best prepare for what is ahead? One key skill is being able to access and take action on our higher guidance.

In this 2-hour experiential workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to fully access and listen to inner guidance. Receiving this source of wisdom will deepen your own process of transformation and awakening.
  • Know how to best act upon the evolutionary guidance you receive. Learning how to trust and put into motion this guidance is central to the journey of metamorphosis.
  • Enjoy a highly experiential session in which you will spontaneously access this ability within yourself and within other participants.

Psychological Implications of Symbols: The Wisdom of the Tarot with Angeles Arrien

Angeles Arrien will speak about most ancient maps of psychological symbols, the Tarot, and will explore these universal symbols as a map of consciousness. Tarot symbols reveal and reflect back possible experiences we can encounter personally and professionally in our life. She will explore the meaning and significance of how these ancient and cross-cultural symbols function as internal and external mirrors for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of consciousness. This program is helpful for personal work and anyone in counseling, coaching, teaching, management, and service professions.

In this 2-hour session you will:

  • Explore the universal archetypes in the Tarot, and the ways that these archetypes can be used for self-understanding
  • Understand the power of symbols and the ways they impact our daily life
  • Be enchanted and delighted by stories from one of the most respected elders of our day!

Embodying Your Mythic Story with Ariel Spilsbury

If all the world’s a stage and you are but a player upon it, then what is your particular role or heroine’s journey? Join Ariel as she walks you through the archetypes of humanity and helps you identify the Mythic Story of your own life. Archetypes are the structures through which the mythic dimensions of self play themselves out. Archetypes such as the Fool, the King, the Great Mother, the Priest/ess and the Magician have existed in many cultures across time. They primarily serve to assist us in looking at our lives from a much larger and spiritually expansive perspective than our ordinary day-to-day view of the self. When you embody your Mythic Story, you gain clarity and incredible perspective on the choices you have for your life. Experiencing the living embodiment of your Mythic Story is the most exciting journey one can choose to enter into! Together we will deepen in this exciting terrain.

In this 2-hour workshop you will:

  • Discover ways to step into the mythic Big Story of your life
  • Identify the patterns that keep you in the repetitive loop of the “small story
  • Find what mythic archetype you most strongly relate to and resonate with

7 Wonders of the Soul: Harnessing the Power of the Chakras with Anodea Judith

Chakras are the sacred centers that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body that correspond to nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column, as well as states of consciousness, developmental stages of life, archetypal elements, body functions, colors, sounds and much, much more. Together they form a profound formula for wholeness and a template for transformation. As the architecture of the soul, the chakras provide an important map for our wholeness and transformation, both personally and globally. And as an ancient spiritual system, they show the path to enlightenment and integration.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • Simple practices for bringing your chakras into better alignment, so you feel energized all day long
  • Fast and easy methods for grounding your energy, so you feel less overwhelmed and more present in your life
  • How to diagnose excess and deficiency in each chakra, so you can bring your body into greater ease and balance
  • How to open the Inner Temple to deeply access your core self

Happy For No Reason with Marci Shimoff

Having things and circumstances – money, success, relationships, health – brings a certain kind of happiness, but this temporary experience of satisfaction or joy soon fades and we have to hurry up and fulfill the next desire to feel happy again. To experience true and lasting happiness, we can learn to access the deep state of peace and well-being that already exists within us-beyond the reach of external circumstances. Then, no matter what is happening in life we are Happy for No Reason.

In this powerful presentation you will hear moving, real-life stories of people who are Happy for No Reason, as well as the latest scientific findings about how to raise your happiness set point . This program will inspire and motivate you to create a life that is full of genuine happiness every day.

Topics We’ll Explore:

  • A new definition of happy
  • Raising your current happiness set point
  • Keys to cultivating happiness in your life right now
  • How to create good Happiness Habits
  • A 7-step holistic program to building your Home for Happiness

The Passion Test: Maximizing Your Gifts for a Passionate Life with Janet Attwood

A Harris Poll Survey found that 80% of working Americans wake up every morning not happy, not fulfilled, and not passionate about what they do. It’s no wonder that the U.S. is facing one of the worst financial crises in its history.

In Janet Attwood’s heartwarming and knowledge-filled presentation, she will share with you valuable tips, tools and techniques along with incredibly inspiring stories of others who have used The Passion Test to turn their lives around and monetize their passions. Learn why Jack Canfield, one of the stars of the movie, The Secret and co-author of The Chicken Soup Series said The Passion Test changed the way he lived his life.

Janet will also share with you an incredible secret which will enable you to make passion-based decisions to create an abundantly joyful balanced life, no matter what your present life situation. With fun, heart, and lots of passion, Janet will effortlessly guide you on how to be a master of your life so that you wake up every morning with the knowledge that every moment is a gift.

What Janet will be sharing:

  • How to take The Passion Test - the only test you can never fail
  • How to undue any limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • The Formula for living a passionate life
  • Using “natures guidance system” to navigate your life with grace
  • The 7 keys for living a passionate life

About Your Program Leaders

Rev. Devaa Haley Mitchell is a spiritual guide, public speaker and musician, offering Soulful Women programs and devotional music in support of feminine awakening. Her debut music album, Sacred Alchemy, aims to reawaken and liberate the many dimensions of the sacred feminine.

Devaa also founded and co-hosts the Inspiring Women Summit, a virtual gathering of 70,000 participants from 160 countries. She also serves as the Chief Transformation Officer at The Shift Network, which she co-founded with her husband, Stephen Dinan.

Ordained as an interfaith minister and awarded a Doctor of Ministry, Devaa draws upon 20 years of study and practice of the most respected systems of personal growth and spiritual development. These teachings are being offered through her Soulful Women Wisdom School, offering deeply experiential and highly transformative programs for hundreds of women each year.

She has been performed both music and theater since the age of seven, and completed the Professional Actor’s Certification at UCLA (including theater, film, voice and movement). Devaa also received a Professional Sound Healing certificate from Tom Kenyon’s institute, Acoustic Brain Research, and has also studied sound healing at CIIS and Globe Institute. But much of her learning has come through experience-with kirtan chanting at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India at the Ali Akbar College of Music (Traditional Indian style). In her spare time, you will likely find Devaa in a contorted position on the yoga mat.

Academically, Devaa holds both a BA and an MA from Stanford University as well as a D-Min from Wisdom University. She has also taken classes in music and dance therapy at California Institute of Integral Studies.

To balance her serious pursuits, Devaa spends time as part of the Shamanic Cheerleaders performance troupe. A closeted Muse and wild woman, she needs an active venue for cheeky humor and exuberant expression. Not to mention the fact that the costumes are very fun. And you get to wear a Madonna-esque headset mic. Gotta love it!

Elayne Kalila Doughty, MA is co-founder of The Soulful Women Program, The Gracias Foundation and Founder of The Queens of Transformation-Powerful Women Changing the World. She is a transformational coach, spiritual activist, bestselling author, speaker, soul midwife and ordained priestess.

Elayne has more than 20 years’ experience guiding women from all walks of life to transform the pain of the past into a powerful present and an extraordinary future. She draws upon the study and practice of the most respected systems of psychological healing, personal growth and spiritual development.

Currently, she brings these teachings to The Soulful Women Wisdom School, where she offers deeply experiential and highly transformative programs for hundreds of women each year.

In 2009, Elayne created The Safe Embrace Trauma Healing Program after many years of work with women survivors of trauma, and gender based violence. This program provides structure, training and support for women to facilitate trauma healing and leadership development circles in their own communities. Elayne is currently implementing this program with Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologues at the City of Joy in Bukavu, Congo.

Elayne contributed a chapter to a best-selling book, along with Lisa Nichols. The book is called Unbreakable Spirit-Rising Above the Impossible. She is currently working on her next book Priestess on Purpose – Women in Passionate Service to Healing the Heart of the World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service). If there is more than one person in your household taking the course, you will each need your own line. We use MaestroConference to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate in groups, and deepen your exploration of the course themes.

Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California, and your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. You can also use Skype credit/subscription or Google Voice ( to dial in to MaestroConference, and you’ll need to use your virtual keypad to enter your PIN and to indicate that you want to ask a question. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers, and we also have a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?
A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this Training?
A: Yes, we always make a certain percentage of spaces available for partial scholarships, giving preference to those in developing countries or doing important but underpaid work to which they can apply the training material immediately. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which include a link to our online application form.

Q: Can you tell me about the Community Site?
A: We will have a private community for all the participants in this Course, which will support you in making connections between each other, sharing insights, engaging discussions, and exchanging information about events and other activities. You’ll have the ability to blog about your experiences, projects, and growth throughout the Course.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this program is our highest priority! You, the buyer, may cancel this agreement without penalty at any time prior to midnight on the third business day after the date of this transaction. The program is not refundable beyond that point.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please visit our Customer Support Center, where you should be able to find the answer to your question or the solution to a problem. And if you can’t, you can submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you.

Q: What are the benefits of telling my friends to join the program?
A: You can sign up as an Affiliate of The Shift Network and receive 20% for anyone that you introduce who registers for the virtual event. If you bring five friends into the event, you can cover your own! Register at and you’ll receive a promotional link to use.

Q: Can you give us more information about the collaborative ventures that are accessible to those of us in the Diamond Advanced Certificate Program?
A: As we get to know our Diamond program members and the offerings you are making in the world, there will likely be ways that we will choose to highlight your work within our own client bases. For example, if you are stepping out as a public speaker and your topic is relevant to our audience, we may offer you a speaking slot for a panel at one of our Inspiring Women Summits.

If you are offering a relevant product or service, you may be invited to give a presentation at one of our workshops or retreats. Or we may choose to highlight your work to a particular segment of our email lists. Alternatively, we may choose to support you by showing up at one of YOUR virtual telesummits (as a bonus call, for example), or through writing an endorsement for your work that you can use on your website.

We cannot, however, guarantee the nature of these collaborations or that they will happen at all. In order for us to endorse your work in this sort of public way, we must feel great about you and the work you’re offering in the world, and it must be a fit for our audience. Before getting to know you and your work at a deep level, we cannot say whether or not you will meet these criteria and exactly what sort of collaborative ventures might emerge. The collaborations will need to naturally emerge from the journey we take together. That said, it is our intention to support you and highlight your work when we can authentically do so.